Nov 1, 2012

Tale of the Tape: A Voter's Guide to Selecting Your Next President

Romney can be a dry, and admittedly a sometimes boring servant leader.

Obama is truly charismatic: a true politician getting nothing significant accomplished while pandering to the press.

Romney saved and invested in troubled companies with his own money.

Obama funded, bloated and bankrupted companies using your taxpayer money.

Romney gave over 30% of his income to charity last year, over $1.9Million of his $13.7Million in income was given to charity.  And he's routinely given away over 16% of his money each year for the last several years, to charity.

Obama has given away less than .0001 of his income to charity, $80 on his $400,000 salary.  In fact, Obama has spent over $1 Billion of your taxpayer money for his personal staff, and for family vacations - the most expensive, blood-sucking president in our country's history.

Romney turned deficit situations around with a heading-for-bankruptcy state in Massachusetts, and with the Winter Olympics.

Obama has, in spite of his promise to reduce the deficit by half, has actually doubled it, and continues to spend more than all the presidents in this nation's history, combined.  That includes George W. Bush who liberals like to blame for "getting us in the mess."

Romney as a proven leader consistently takes responsibility for outcomes and results.

Obama blames his failures on Hillary, Bush, the Republicans, etc.

Romney has invested in and operated several successful companies and been a leader in his church in various high-ranking positions (bishop, stake president).

Obama, prior to being elected president of the United States, never ran a business, or led a team, or served in any type of volunteer-leader capacity.

Romney supports family and traditional marriage.

Obama switched from supporting traditional marriage to supporting and endorsing gay marriage, when it became politically expedient.

Romney is pro life, and supports preserving the life and the rights of the innocent, unborn child.

Obama is pro-killing babies if it's convenient for the woman.  He also supports forcing business owners to pay for such procedures for their employees, regardless of one's religious views.

Romney has a long history as a job creator, and he favors pro-growth job policies, having created millions of jobs in the private sector.

Obama is a job killer, having created policies that choke businesses with regulatory red tape.  Obama declared war on business owners when he said, "you didn't create that, someone else made that for you."

Romney has been a faithful Christian throughout his life, even when his faith has become a political handicap, he never denied his Christian faith.

Obama denied and abandoned his faith, not when Reverend Wright said that Americans deserved to die in 9/11 or when he said, "God damn America", but when his association with Mr. Wright became a potential liability during the 2008 elections.   

Romney loves our country and believes we've acted in good faith to make the world a better place.

Obama has come out openly denouncing America and apologizing to other countries for actions in the past, actions that actually freed nations from tyrants and oppression.  (for comparison, under Regan, more than one-billion people were freed from tyrannical or communist rule; whereas Obama's pro-Muslim policies in the middle east have made us weak and an easy target, there is less democracy and freedom in the world today as a result of Obama's foreign policies.)

Romney's policies as governor included compromise, working with an 87% democratic legislature, to make things happen.

Obama blames "the Republicans" for his inability to get the compromises wants from the house and Senate. 

Romney turned Massachusetts around and made it the number-one state for job growth and education, by several measures.

Obama has "poured gasoline on the fire" by spending more on entitlement programs like free food stamps, cash-for-clunkers, internet, free section 8 housing, and free phones for people willing to beg him for it.  This entitlement mentality has crippled our country's independent, once-self sufficient, freedom-loving spirit.

Romney lowered taxes for the average citizen in Massachusetts.

Obama has increased taxes for the average U.S. citizen by over $3000 per person.

Romney's plan is to eliminate the incentives that lead to destructive cycles of poverty and dependency.

Obama's plan is to eliminate the incentives of wealth creation.

Romney has never smoked or drank alcohol or taken illegal drugs in his life.

Obama has a record of taking illegal drugs and still has an addiction to cigarettes.

For me, the choice is clear, simple and so obvious and easy. 

Who will you vote for, and more exactly: why?