Nov 30, 2012

Are You a Creator or a Reactor?

The Important Distinction The stock market may go up - or down. But according to Jim Collins, that isn't the key distinction. Regardless of the market, what matters is whether you are a creator who is internally driven or a reactor who takes cues from the outside.

  • Internally driven, externally aware
  • Pursues creative strategy
  • Discovers genetic talents and applies them
  • Builds an economic engine to get things done
  • Many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities
  • Growth follows from creative contribution
  • Ambitious first and foremost for the work
  • Focuses on building relationships
  • Values self-improvement for its own sake
  • Sets 10-to-25-year audacious goals
  • Core values inform all efforts
  • Seeks self-actualization 
  • Externally driven, without intrinsic passion
  • Pursues competitive strategy
  • Agenda of competence set by the outside world
  • Gets things done to make a lot of money
  • Few once-in-a-lifetime opportunities
  • Seeks growth for growth's sake
  • Ambitious first and foremost for self
  • Focuses on transactions
  • Driven largely by comparison to others
  • Five years is long-term
  • Nothing is sacred; expedience rules
  • Seeks success