Nov 8, 2012

Principle of Freedom: You Must Own Property to Have a Right to Vote

Because there are so many who've become freeloaders in our once-free country, it seems the only right way to correct course it to look back to our founding fathers and the original principles that brought about freedom.  

One of those principles which became law was that only those with PROPERTY worth protecting should even have the RIGHT TO VOTE. 

That was the way to insure only those with a "skin in the game" could have any voice in saying how those stakes got allocated. 

When the country was founded, in most states only those with real property (land) or sufficient wealth for taxation were permitted to vote. 

A few exceptions are in order to this rule: 

1. If you've fought in the military for our country, you know what it's like to fight for a cause greater than yourself.  You deserve the right to vote.

2. All voters must first pass a test, call it Freedom 101, and must retake the test every 4 years to ensure they know what the constitution of the U.S. says and what it means.  Dito to elected officials, only their test should be every 2 years and should be much more intense (call it the 500-level test).

Billy says to Dale: "the ship we're on is sinking" to which Dale replies, "who cares, it's not OUR ship."

We've got too many on board a sinking ship who don't care, because, after all it's not their ship: they don't own anything worth protecting or fighting for.  

Nov 4, 2012

Will Our Nation Stand this Test?

Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor, and hate thine enemy.But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you,"  -- Matthew 5:43-44

If the inner world of our average citizen in this once-great United States is now divided against his neighbor, and not just divided against, but in hateful, vengeful opposition towards others, hasn't what we feared in the ways of our nation falling already taken root? 

Communism requires us to first of all be divided against each other in class warfare.  Second, it has to create within us some type of justification or rationale or motive for killing each other.  In it's final stages, actual annihilation through genocide in the name of some utopia society brings the seeds of this pent up desire to fruition.

Keep in mind that over 135 million people (an estimated 500 million if you count abortion) have been murdered in the last 100 years.  To give you some perspective, that's more than all the killings from wars of nation vs. nation in the entire history of the world.

These "killings from within" are not from external wars - but from societies whose leaders deemed one class of people inferior to another group.

If a leader of a nation can convince it's citizens to be divided against each other, to hate each other, to threaten to kill or take revenge against another group of people under its "care", then it can easily tip the balance in favor of killing its unruly citizens in a divide-and-conquer-like campaign plague.  

Evil has come more subtly to us these last 50 years, not through abrupt revolution, but through a gradual process of moral apathy and through an evolutionary erosion of conviction.  We've abandoned principles of truth and reason for the zeal of passion and self-justified pleasures.

A recent poll suggests that as many as 33% of U.S. citizens (I don't dare call them "Americans") now favor socialism over capitalism.  The irony here of course, is that our fathers have fought in the Revolutionary war, the Civil War, World War I and II and Vietnam to fight against these types of oppressive ideas.  Ideas that had taken root, and grown into revolutionary proportions that threatened our cherished American way of life - namely the principles of freedom, morality, truth, life and liberty.

Communism has an agenda.  Its constituents are anything but dead.  It has planted itself and taken root in these once 'United' States.  Like weeds who've grown into roots, and roots who've broken the once firm foundation, we are a nation divided.  And a nation divided cannot stand. 

I'm young, but I've followed politics for over 30 years and can still remember watching the debates between Reagan and Mondale as a kid.  I've seen some heated debates and such as I'm sure we all have over the years.

But I must confess, I've never seen a nation so torn, so divided, and yes, even threatening to kill others if their chosen leader isn't elected President.  We have today hundreds of people who've threatened to kill Mr. Romney if he is elected, and many have threatened to kill or injure others supporting him as well.

If all things are created spiritually before they manifest in physical form, then the seeds of our destruction have already been planted, nurtured and brought to the brink of full bloom.

To the credit of those who stand with Romney, I have not as yet heard of one who has threatened to kill anyone.  No, they opt to simply leave the country.  But the question then is, where will they flee to?  If America falls, where can anyone in the world flee to for safety?

My great grandparents fled their native land to escape the threats and persecution of Muslims who attacked them because of their Christian beliefs.  America was a morally strong land.  A land of hope, freedom, and opportunity.  Strong and kind people hoping for a better life gravitated to American because she offered them freedom.

Now it would seem, our society has unraveled from within.  But this is where we will stand.  This is the last place we have to flee to, in spite of all her weaknesses and frailties.  America is still the last best hope on earth.

I hope you will stand with me in remembering what America once meant to those who've given their lives for it.  Let us stand up.  Let us stand firm.  Let us remember and defend the principles our fathers fought for in building and sacrificing for this great nation.

Let us love one another, no matter what.