Feb 12, 2014

Entrepreneurs: The Greatest Force for Good in the World

 "...people throw rocks at things that shine..."  -- Taylor Swift

Entrepreneurs are the greatest force for good in the world. 

Not the well-meaning politicians. 

Not the scientists or the artists. 

Nor the educators, athletes or celebrities.
And sure as all hell not the blood-sucking lawyers.

By definition, an entrepreneur is one who identifies unmet needs in the market, and then finds a way - typically against the odds of habit, naysayers and his own empty pockets - to forge ahead anyway to fulfill those needs. 

Being an entrepreneur is therefore the most selfless and self-sacrificing voyage one could endeavour upon. 

The stigma in society is just the opposite: namely that greed drives entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurs are therefore the target of much ridicule and protest by the masses of mediocre, day-dreaming, lottery-playing socialists.

Thank goodness for the few establishments that still embrace the mantra and mission of the entrepreneur.  Thank goodness for the few who hold up the entrepreneur as one worth emulating and learning from, rather than targeting him for his follies and missteps. 

It's an unfortunate truth that being in the limelight of success after coming through the hard-fought, lonely, less-traveled road of the entrepreneur makes one a more attractive target for attackers and critics.

Let us celebrate the spirit and the role of the entrepreneur.