Jun 18, 2009

The Four C's of Quality Content, Part 2 of 4

2) Credibility – I like knowing that the content I’m reading is written by someone who’s connected to the subjects and scenes he’s talking about. It’s amazing to me the errors I’ve found in even the mainstream magazine such as The Fast Company or Inc. Magazine. Credibility goes way down when the writer isn’t in the trenches on the subject matter.

+ Chris Brogan is someone I respect because he makes the proactive choice to connect and listen. He went so far as to delete his facebook fan page claiming “it’s not about me”. Listening, as opposed to just speaking, is a major piece of the credibility factor for me.

- Seth Godin– I love Seth’s books and blog posts, but I’m still baffled by the fact that it appears from his twitter account that he follows nobody. Is he not interested in what others are talking about? Is he really connected? Most of his content seems to be philosophical and theoretical, as opposed to practical and applicable. Is the content and the view he provides credible?